Artist Interviews

If you’re interested in having your self interviewed, submissions are open and of course free. I accept from a range of horror/fantasy authors, musicians, artists, and podcasters and am always looking for more! Head over to the contact section to shoot me an email. 🤘

Meet the artists, musicians, authors and podcasters who influence me everyday

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Jack Eaton—Musician—Bassist of The Last King and KöttGrav (Photo credit: Eduardo Ruiz)
Ed Grabianowski—Horror and Fantasy Author—Musician
Brett Horton—Musician—Guitarist of The Last King (Photo Credit: Jeremy Saffer)
Cody Mower—Maine author, horror enthusiast, and Marine Corps Veteran
Chantz Mello—Musician—Guitarist of The Last King and Fathom Farewell (Photo Credit: Eduardo Ruiz)
Hannah Arp—Artist
Preston Fassel—Horror Author—Journalist
“The podcast you were warned about.”
Horror fanatics that review evil movies
Kyle D. James Farrar—Musician—Vocalist of Late 9, Patient 0, and Southfield (Photo Credit: Ian Urquhart)
Ryan Scott Graham—Musician—Speak Low and State Champs
Benjamin Mackey—Artist—Twin Peaks Tarot Deck: The Magician Longs to See, Jurassic June, Comic Art: SAINTS
Matt Robinson and Simon Balcon discuss their journey through The Mist to The Tower in this smashing new podcast
James R Eads—A Los Angeles based Artist inspired by impressionism and surrealism—Prisma Visions Tarot
Author of dark, bleak fiction.
Written works with Demain Publishing, Black Void Publishing and Kendall Reviews
Mike Duke—Author of the weird—Horror and Sci-Fi
Claire Goodchild—Black and the Moon—Memento Mori Oracle Podcast
Bo Chappell—Horror Author—Comic Enthusiast
J.A. Sullivan—Horror Author—Kendall Reviews
Jason M. Herrington—Author—Fedowar Holiday Horrors