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The Author

A fictive horror story writer and poet from Maine.
Michaela has been published in two short story anthologies along side many other authors; When Glints Collide and A Land Without Mirrors. Both published and edited by Fluky Fiction.
Michaela grew up in a small town in Northern Maine. She attended college for art in 2007 where she honed skills for still life and concert photography, drawing, painting, and creative writing–You can find her work on both Facebook and Instagram under Rogue Perspectives.
She is currently working on a short story collection filled with all things horror and oddities with hopes to publish nearing the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Commissions and Submissions

Need a creepy art submission? Email me with your context in the subject.

New: Artist Interviews. Interested in being featured on Echoes of Oddities? I accept submissions from musicians (whole bands included), authors of horror and fantasy, artists and podcasters. All interviews are free. Email me to be added onto the list.


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