Memento Mori Oracle Podcast

Talk about yourself—Who are you? Where are you located? What creative projects are you currently involved in? Any other hobbies?

Hi! My name is Claire Goodchild and I run a small design studio in Toronto called Black and the Moon.

The main thing I do, is I create Tarot and Oracle decks, but I have been branching out into the world of podcasting and writing..…and enjoying every minute of it. 

My first standalone book called The Book of Seances (working title) will be published in October 2022 by Voracious Books.

You can find out more at https://

WHAT IS the Memento Mori oracle deck and how does it link to your podcast? What inspired the start of the Memento Mori Oracle Podcast?

In the simplest of explanations, the Memento Mori Oracle Deck is a deck of playing cards that was created specifically for the spirit communication side of divination. When I was creating this body of work I focused intently on channeling my own medium abilities and energy into the project in order to open a door to the “other side.”

Physically the deck comes with 85 different cards that depict the ritualistic objects we use in life and death. 

My initial inspiration was the iconography of graves and the tools of witchcraft but I also added other components of “modern everyday life,” in order to create something really well-rounded and all encompassing. 

The Podcast came into being because I wanted to do something outside of a traditional guidebook. It wasn’t something that had been attempted before, so I felt very free to do the episodes however I wanted.

I settled on doing one 15 to 20 minute scripted episode per card, where I discuss folklore and macabre history relating to what object is depicted on the card.

Hours of research goes into each episode, and I always try to include things that I am personally interested in, and not just go with what is popular or will get a lot of downloads. 

I am also lucky to work with extremely talented voice actors who often add some realness and personality to the stories I am telling. 

Something that I’m curious about, because I tend to be constantly involved in projects, how do you find the time to balance the podcast, creating art, your craft, and life in general?

I’m not sure I actually do pull off any sort of balance. I tend to go through phases of hyper activity where I get a lot done, and then suddenly this can switch to disinterest almost overnight. 

Because of this ebb and flow I have decided to be more mindful about what I focus on in 2021, with my book obviously taking centre stage. 

Another thing I am doing is scheduling my time. It sounds boring but it really does help me channel that focus without becoming overwhelmed. 

Tell me about your creative process, what influences you to create and how do you incorporate your creativity into the podcast?

While I don’t intend to discount my own talent or abilities, I do credit ghosts for a lot of my ideas. I tend to hear messages about what I should be creating or working on at any given time. I look at it as sort of a collaboration between myself and the spirit world. 

As for other influences, I am often inspired by my travels. Old buildings, roads and cemeteries contain endless stories, and I love finding ways to incorporate them into my art and the podcast. 

Along with the last question, can you tell a story about how you came up with one of your cards? Maybe your favorite one?

My favourites tend to be ones where I can be really creative. There is a spooky little world that lives inside my head, and that tends to influence how things come out looking. 

I wish there was more of a fantastical story behind some of them, but it typically goes the same way: I see an image in my mind and then translate it into the physical. 

As it stands right now, what is your favorite episode that you’ve done?

My favourites thus far have been the Grave series, the Casket series and Scythe.

What episode are you most looking forward to recording in the future?

Raven, Cemetery, Poppet and Shovel

What do you wish you would’ve known before starting this podcast?

Oh god…..probably how much time it takes. I thought I’d be churning out scripts left and right, but each one takes so much more research and writing than I anticipated.

I also wish I was more confident in the beginning. My early episodes I sound timid and unsure. Needless to say I plan on re-recording them in the future. 

I’ve been digging into microphones lately and curious to know what equipment you use for the podcast? Is there a specific program you use for recording and editing?

I am a devoted Apple user, so I record in Garage-band on my M1 iMac. 

The microphone I use is the MAONO AU-A04H which is affordable AND works exceptionally well. I definitely recommend it for someone starting out. 

One thing you shouldn’t skimp on is headphones. Good headphones are the difference between “ok” and “great” editing. I am probably going to shell out the money for the AirPods Pro soon. 

Where can one find and listen to your podcast?

I can be found on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and my website all under “Memento Mori Oracle Podcast.” Be sure to spell Memento correctly, it often gets changed to ‘momento.”

Can you tell me about a worst experience with recording?

So far I haven’t had any bad experiences. I am sure it will happen eventually though.

What has been your best moment so far with the podcast?

Definitely the feedback I have received. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine the podcast doing as well as it has.

Any tips for those interested in starting their own podcast?

Make sure it is an original idea and a topic that is a reflection of you and your passions. The worst thing you can do is try and use someone else’s formula for success. It comes across inauthentic and strained.