Dave Gutter—Musician—Horror Head

Talk about yourself—Who are you? Where are you located? What creative projects are you currently involved in? Any other hobbies?

Hello I’m Dave Gutter and I am a musician from Portland Maine. I started playing music around age 10 but before that my first love was horror movies. I used to sneak horror vhs movies while my babysitter did drugs in his bedroom. This arrangement worked out for both parties involved and I became a horror movie fan around 7 or 8.

WHAT IS Speak All Evil (SAE)?

Speak All Evil is a podcast that talks about evil movies, not just horror movies but anything evil in cinema.

What inspired the start of Speak All Evil?

Speak All Evil originally was a text group thread where we all used to talk about new messed up movies that just came out. Horror movies can be very hit or miss and we started this to give each other a heads up on what movies were a “must see” and which ones were a waste of time. This devolved into debates that eventually evolved to be a podcast.

Something that I’m curious about, because I tend to be constantly involved in projects, how do you find the time to balance SAE, creating music, and life in general?

Watching messed up movies and talking about them is always something I’ve made time for, the only difference now is that we record it.

Tell me about your creative process, what influences you to create and how do you incorporate your creativity into the podcast?

I would say that we are not on the end of the creativity but more a reflection of others creative output. I do a lot of the soundtrack and score work on the episodes but that is generally music that I have laying around that’s a bit too dark for my musical output. Most of these compositions are influenced by horror movies so it’s symbiotic.

As it stands right now, what is your favorite episode that you’ve done?

My favorite episode is episode 4: French Horror because it’s my favorite genre and we canceled Pepe lepieu. French extremity is a “newer” sub genre that rarely misses the mark for me and pushes the limits of what’s scary.

What are your top three horror movie recommends?

My Top 3 changes everyday but currently it’s:

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  2. The Shining
  3. Martyrs

What is the most twisted horror flick you’ve ever seen?

Voyage to Agatis is the most twisted movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve only seen the first 40 minutes in German without subtitles.

What movie scared the crap out of you as a kid?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre fucked me up as a kid. The intro credits terrify me because of all the times I started it but then had to turn it off.

What do you wish you would’ve known before starting this podcast?

I wish I had known there was gonna be a global pandemic after our first four episodes.

I’ve been digging into microphones lately and curious to know what equipment you use for the podcast? Is there a specific program you use for recording and editing?

We record on all different mics and on all different software. Horror is a raw grimy genre and we stay true to the production value.

Where can one find and listen to your podcast?

Our podcast is on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Can you tell me about a worst experience with recording?

The only bad experience recording is when you find out you weren’t recording the whole time and have to do it over.

What has been your best moment so far with the podcast?

Being number eleven in Italy is my crowning achievement for our horror movie podcast, Italy invented horror and to be legitimized by purists of horror felt good.

Any tips for those interested in starting their own podcast?

My only advice to podcasters is talk about what you know. Don’t bluff.